11 effective tips to stay motivated in life


11 effective tips to stay motivated in life

All of us have some goals and we want them to be accomplished but many times we feel that we are not going to reach our destination. Every now and then we need a push to tackle even little things in life. We are going to share some really effective tips to stay motivated in life:

1. Read good motivational quotes:

Good motivational quotes are a great source of staying motivated and focused. It is a known reality that reading has a great impact on your brain. What you read, affects your thinking and is reflected in your actions. Whether it s about life, love, success, friendship, health or life, quotes are always helpful. Motivational quotes have the potential to keep you strong, motivated, positive and give you the driving force to achieve your goals. Whenever you need a boost to keep going on, you can go through the motivational quotes to keep your spirits high.

2. Get rid of the Negativity:

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."

It is not possible for you to be motivated if you are surrounded with negativity. You have to get rid of the negative forces around you. This can be achieved by reading good books or motivational quotes and surrounding yourself with positive people.

3. Surround yourself with positive people:

The people you spend time with and are usually around with have the most influence on you. You may have noticed the impact of spending time with a person having positive attitude towards life; you start feeling optimistic too, while the company of negative people always leaves you with a burdened mind. Try to stay connected with positive people and they will be the driving force for you to stay motivated.

4. Talk with your Well Wishers:

Talk about your goals, your wishes and desires with your well wisher. They will encourage you and will surely motivate you to accomplish your goal. Talking with the well wishers is a cheap and best way to relieve yourself of all the worries. They will make you feel enthusiastic about whatever you want to achieve.

5. Keep your goals small in the beginning:

Sometimes we assume that by keeping our goals high we will feel motivated. But it is not so. If someone thinks of starting a business with a dream of becoming a millionaire soon or wishes to shed lots of pounds in just one week then he will not be able to achieve any goal. Such unrealistic and extreme desires will result in frustration and the hopes will start going down. Always start with the small things and with goals that are achievable and doable. That means start with small goals but high spirits.

6. Maintain your progress chart:

In order to stay motivated, it is a practical way to maintain a chart of your progress. Record all the duties whether complete or incomplete so that when you are on the path to greatness, you can keep a track of your progress. You can look at your chart to see if you have accomplished the mini-goals. This will help you stay motivated and you can even reward yourself for accomplishing any mini or main goals.

7. Let go of fear:

"Always do what you are afraid to do."

Fear is a real danger to motivation. It not only keeps you unmotivated but also drains your energy leaving you exhausted. It does not let you do anything. The fear of failure and un-fulfillment does not let you start with anything. You have to get rid of fear, and have faith in yourself. You can do it. You are no different from other successful people. You have to be confident and let go of fear.

8. Focus on One Goal at a Time:

Don’t get tangled into lots of stuff. If you have too many goals, it will turn out to be overwhelming. Your attention will be diverted to so many tasks and you will not be able to focus on a specific chore. The result will only be “what, where and how should I do it?” Keep one thing as your goal, focus on it and move to a new task once you are satisfied with the previous one.

9. Set Your Priorities:

Sometimes you feel that it is not just one thing that is important but there are two or more important tasks to be done. Here, you should make a priority list, the most important tasks should be on the top of the list while the less significant ones later. This is a simple but easy way to complete your tasks as well as stay motivated to proceed further. For instance you want to hang out with your friend this weekend but at the same time you have to give the holiday time to your family; you can give your family happiness a priority and plan the buddy-meeting for the next week. This is how effectively planning and implementing the priorities will let you stay excited and motivated for the next task.

10. Don’t make things boring:

Whatever you are doing, do it in a fun way. You won’t be able to keep up long with anything if you are not enjoying it. Be it an office, school or home work, or any personal matter, the more you enjoy it, the more you will do it and the better you will be at it.

11. Make a List:

It is easy for you to keep going when you are motivated but when motivation fades, you need a boost to let you stay on course. You can make a list of 5 things you are grateful for and a list of 5 things you have already achieved and paste it where you can see it. Go through it every day and you will feel confident and optimistic. When you feel down or unmotivated, having a look at the past accomplishments and blessings will help elevate your mood and will make you feel stronger and focused.